Standard pricing can be as little as $600 and is based upon:

We do have a special pricing of $200 for parties held on one of our rehearsal nights. We'd just as soon play for listeners and dancers as the four walls, so if you'd like to schedule an event on one of our regular rehearsal nights (the 2nd and 4th Thursday evenings of the month), then you can get the whole band for $200 and allowing us to put out a tip jar. Drop us a note!

Pricing for charitable fund raisers is open to negotiation. Don't ask us to play for free. You pay the caterer. You pay for the facilities you use. Someone can pay us as well. The very definition of "professional" is that you get paid for your services. We are sympathetic to the fact that you are trying to raise money, not spend it. That being said, we can work something out so that we both benefit.

Payment terms are that we require a 50% non-refundable deposit upon acceptance of the contract to commit the group for your event. The balance is to be paid at the event, prior to the performance. Payment may be made by check or in cash. Payment for custom arrangements must be paid in full, when the contract is signed, and the commitment is first made.